Sustituto del F-5 Tiger de la FACh

Mejor sustituto para los F-5 chilenos

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Mientras se define que pasa, el noble F-5 E/F realiza su performance.

Según han mencionado desde ENAER, poseen capacidades completas de MRO y fabricación de piezas vitales del avión para seguirle sosteniendo satisfactoriamente.


At EXPONAVAL in Valparaíso this week, Chile’s national aeronautics company, ENAER, is promoting the entire catalogue of its capabilities and services. “We want to show our presence and our entire business portfolio at the fair. We are a company that provides maintenance and support to armed institutions. The Chilean Navy is a client of ours and we are here to offer our services and contribute with them in everything we can,” explained the company’s Head of Marketing and New Business, Jorge Flores.

ENAER supports the Cessna CARAVAN 208 aircraft in Chilean Army service, as well as the CASA CN-235, CASA/AirbusC-212 and the MD-530 helicopter. The Chilean Air Force has worked jointly with ENAER on several projects such as depot maintenance for the KC-135E and anticorrosive treatment and special paint for the F-16.

ENAER has an agreement with Airbus Defence & Space to support the C-212, CN-235 and C-295 in service with the Chilean Armed Forces (the Air Force still maintains two CS 212-200 and one in service C-212 300; the Army owns three CN-235 100M; the Navy three C-295) and other user countries in South America.
ENAER is a solution provider for the C-130 HERCULES aircraft in South America and is a repair station certified by Lockheed Martin to provide MRO services on both C-130 and L-100.

The company has also developed an important support capacity for Chile's F-5 aircraft, both for MRO for the cell, engine and components, as well as the manufacture of structural parts.

In terms of construction, ENAER undertook the redesign of the T-35 PILLAN aircraft, maintaining its basic cell and incorporating innovative technological elements. “We continue to make progress in the development of the project,” Flores explained, awaiting an Air Force decision to build new T-35 aircraft.

ENAER will also participate in maintenance of the air force’s S-70i fleet. In terms of engines, Rolls Royce recognises ENAER as a maintenance center for its T-56 engines. nortec4 de RyF

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