During our visit to the International Air and Space Fair 2024 (FIDAE), Zona Militar had the opportunity to meet one of the most renowned Chilean companies in the aviation market. With more than thirty years of experience in innovative solutions, DTS, a subsidiary of ENAER, has presented its defense, security and aerospace products, with a special focus on the simulation and training systems which will be applied to the future Pillan II advanced trainer of the Chilean Air Force (FACh).

In this regard, the company has developed in recent decades innovative products for electronic warfare, command and control, automatic control, test benches, military fiber optics, and training and simulation systems.

In an interview with Roberto Javier Avendaño Veloso, General Manager of DTS, he explained “We are part of a system, of an ENAER company, but we are part of the development of technology and technological solutions. What do we do? More than the aircraft (Pillan II), we provide technological solutions for problems which require, for example, the whole training system around the aircraft”.

“The Pillán III is not an airplane, it is an advanced instruction system and we are responsible for everything peripheral: simulators, trainers, computer-based trainers. This plan or debriefing system so that the pilots who learn to fly in the Pillán have all the necessary tools to join their first flight hour with the knowledge they need in a modern way (…) Everything to be able to do this as efficiently as possible and achieve the success of the pilots”.

ZM: Shall we say that the DTS involvement of the Pillan 2 is an inseparable aspect of the aircraft itself as an integrated training system?

The Pillan II is an instructional system conceived as such and ENAER makes the aircraft and all the peripherals are associated. But the development of the software and equipment is local. Obviously, there are some elements that are acquired outside that we need to make this technology work. But the complete software development of the strategy we need conversed with school force pilot to be able to achieve they want is absolutely local.”

On the other hand, when asked about the development of the Pillan II, the stages that are being completed and what are the next steps to advance the integrated training system, the General Manager explained: “As soon as the prototype flies, we can be in a position to start finishing, we are doing it, why? We have a simulator prototype that has the performance of the Pillar 1. No, not the original Pillan II. Because we will have the Pillan II performance once it is certified and then we will be able to integrate it“.

He also added that “The definition that is about to come out of what will be its cabin and what will be the instruments it will have, is not yet defined, and it will be in a few days and then we will be able to configure a cabin for the simulator and for the peripherals and for the instruments. We know, but all the engineering is not developed, we always have the manuals, have the performance table, have to be able to face an instruction system.”

Regarding the consultation on other services and products are currently marketing or offering to other countries or armed forces in the region, Veloso stressed that the Pillar simulator has been a very relevant topic and that currently there are eight air forces in the region interested in the pillan.

(….) we have electronics systems, we have static converter systems for ships and submarines, we have control panels, consoles, command and control systems, transportable command and control systems. And a series of other products that allow us to go to the naval, land and air defense market. They are also dual and can be used, for example, against transportable controls to respond to an emergency, etc“.

Finally, when asked by Zona Militar about what would be the next step that DTS would seek to take in future projects, Veloso explained: “We have several projects with the Chilean Navy (…) we are developing and that will open a series of projects that could also be for the navies of other countries. But one issue that is relevant is the participation in the aerospace system, the issue that is in the stage of socialization and development, around that we are signing alliances with some large companies such as Indra that allows us to accompany us in part of aerospace development which is one of the most important things that the country is developing”.

*Special thanks to the DTS staff at FIDAE for their kindness and openness to present the latest developments of the company.

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