During the night of yesterday’s session, March 28th, the Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB) of Venezuela reported that one of its F-16 fighters shot down an aircraft declared hostile after it violated national airspace. The news was reported through the force’s official X account, which also provided a video of the fighter jet’s firing run.

At the time of this publication, neither the National Bolivarian Armed Forces nor the AMB have issued an official statement providing further details on the incident that occurred yesterday. More specifically, clarifying the type of aircraft that violated Venezuela’s airspace. The only information provided by the force is that the aircraft did not have a flight plan or authorization from relevant air traffic control agencies to operate in the area.

Through the video sequence, it can be seen how the pilot of the F-16 fighter from the 16th Fighter Air Group made a firing run that resulted in the downing of the hostile aircraft. It is presumable to infer that all protocols for such illegal flights were applied, attempting to communicate with the aircraft that violated Venezuelan airspace, ordering it to land at an airport or aerodrome designated by the authorities; with the downing being the last resort in this type of situation.

Finally, the F-16 fighters of the Bolivarian Military Aviation of Venezuela have been carrying out various deployments in recent months to guard sovereign airspace. One of the most relevant was their participation in the joint military exercise “General Domingo Sifontes,” amid tensions with Guyana over the Esequibo territory, which were heightened by the presence in the region of the patrol ship HMS Trent.

More recently, the combat aircraft based at El Libertador Air Base conducted an air-to-air missile launch exercise. This activity involved the participation of three F-16A/B aircraft (two single-seaters and one two-seater) armed with AIM-9L Sidewinder and Rafael Python 4 missiles, some of which were visibly active due to their double yellow band.

*News in development.

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