In the face of the growing dangers posed by commercial and military drones, the National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela have incorporated new interference systems against unmanned aerial vehicles of Chinese origin. The new equipment, incorporated by the Integrated Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI), consists of the Hunter SHH100 system from the Skyfend company of the People’s Republic of China.

The news were officially disclosed by the official X account of the Integrated Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI) on March 13, highlighting the strengthening of capabilities to address the threats posed by various types of unmanned aerial vehicles. It was also confirmed that, along with the receipt of the new inhibitory systems, respective training courses for personnel were conducted.

Regarding the equipment specifically, it involves frequency inhibitory systems against drones from the Chinese company Skyfend, particularly the Hunter SHH100 model (also marketed as SkyHunter).

On its official page, the Chinese company highlights that the Sky Hunter “Incorporates a comprehensive drone database for detection, covering major UAV models. It provides continuous coverage from 400MHz to 6GHz from a hardware perspective. With firmware updates, it can interfere with any frequency. A higher possibility of interference is offered, especially for wide-spectrum FPV. Additionally, Hunter supports the customization of frequency ranges to meet specific customer requirements.”

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