The defence relations between Israel and Morocco are developing very fast. Israeli company Blue bird will soon open a production site of its unmanned aerial systems in this Islamic country.

Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems told Zona Militar that the company has already established the local production facility that will start operations in the near future.

50% OF Blue Bird’s shares have been purchased by Israel aerospace industries (IAI) one of the country’s main defence companies .

The Israeli ministry of defence has recently received a new shopping list of Israeli made defence systems. This as a result from the deterioration of relations between This country and neighboring Algeria.

Morocco re-established relations with Israel as part of the US-brokered Abraham Accords in late 2020, and since the relations between the two countries have been upgraded.

Even before the Abraham accords Israel and Morocco had “special defence relations ” that were kept secret.

Morocco needs advanced weapon systems and the new reactions with Israel opened some very lucrative options for Rabbat.

In February 2023 , Israel and Morocco concluded a $500 million deal  to provide the kingdom with the Barak MX air and missile defence system manufactured by Israel aerospace industries (IAI).  Morocco also purchased the Skylock Dome anti-drone system from Israel in 2021.

          Barak-MX is a modular air defence system and is designed to address missile and aircraft threats. It operates both in marine platforms and land, and belongs to the Barak missile family

After purchasing 150 eVTOL drones made by Israeli company Bluebird, Morocco is evaluating more types of Israeli made unmanned air systems.

The deal included a large number of the Spy X loitering weapon systems made by Israeli company Blue Bird.

The SpyX has a 50Km operational range, 1.5 hours mission time,

the SpyX is integrated with a revolutionary belly-mounted dual-sensor stabilized payload and advanced video tracker, to enable autonomous and accurate electro-optical guided attack on the target. To increase its effectiveness, the 2.5Kg warhead (like combined Anti-Personnel, Anti-vehicles, or Anti-tank warheads) is loaded to the SpyX Loitering Munition just before launch, as per the required effect-on-target.

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