Five Eurofighters from the 14th Wing of the Spanish Air and Space Force completed the deployment to the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania on April 8th. As part of the Paznic detachment, the Iberian fighters will integrate into NATO’s Flexible Deterrence Options operations.

Image: Allied Command

NATO plans to increase its air defense and missile defense capabilities along the eastern flank. To achieve this, various allied countries with contingents deployed in the region will reinforce their presence with squadrons of fighters and anti-aircraft defense units. This includes the previously mentioned Spanish Eurofighters or the French Air and Space Force operating the SAMP/T – MAMBA system.

From the Spanish Air and Space Force, it was detailed that ‘…the objective of this operation is to reaffirm Spain’s and the Air and Space Force’s commitment to Alliance operations and the defense of its airspace, demonstrating deployment, redeployment, and interoperability capabilities, for which our units maintain a high level of training…’.

The unit, consisting of 57 personnel, also has the support of two members from the Center for Logistics and Armament Experimentation (CLAEX), who will cooperate with the crew as electronic warfare officers.

Personnel from the 14th Wing deployed in Romania. Photo: Spanish Air and Space Force.

Regarding the recent deployment, the commander of the Spanish Detachment, Lieutenant Colonel Víctor Garrido, highlighted, “…Our detachment, called PAZNIC, arrived here on April 8th, and for the past two weeks, we have been integrating with our Allies to fly alongside them in the upcoming two weeks… During this time, we have enhanced NATO’s defensive posture along the eastern flank firmly integrated into the air defense and missile defense agreements…” he added.

“We carried out this deployment through Agile Combat Employment (ACE) procedures. This expeditionary organization with limited support personnel heavily relies on the support of the Host Base and cooperation with the RAF Typhoon team deployed here. It brings valuable experience to the Spanish Air and Space Force in the realm of Agile Combat Employment” concluded Lt. Col. Garrido.

Cover image: Allied Command

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