In the framework of the meeting held in Buenos Aires between the Minister of Defense Luis Petri and his Danish counterpart, Troels Lund Poulsen, and as anticipated by Zona Militar, Argentina signed the Letter of Intent for the purchase of 24 F-16 MLU fighters belonging to the Royal Danish Air Force. In the future, another meeting is planned to finalize a sales contract between both countries that will formalize the acquisition of the combat aircraft for the Argentine Air Force (FAA).

In this context, the Danish defense minister stated: “I have had a good and very fruitful meeting with my Argentine colleague, the Minister of Defense, who is delighted that Argentina can become part of the broader community of nations that own F-16s worldwide. The sale of F-16 aircraft to Argentina was carried out in cooperation with the United States.”

Regarding the above, it is important to mention the necessary coordination with Washington for the development of this operation, and US authorization was required for the sale of these systems. Thus, the will of the United States was reflected in the authorizations issued by the Department of State and the subsequent approval by the US Congress.

Poulsen also highlighted that the Danish defense is undergoing a generational shift, in which the F-16 fighters are being gradually retired to be replaced by the F-35A stealth fighters. Therefore, Denmark decided to sell the 24 aircraft to Argentina and donate another 19 to Ukraine.

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