In order to increase its presence on the border with Venezuela and Guyana, the Brazilian Army continues its strategic deployment in the northern part of the country with a squadron from the 4ª Brigada de Caballería Mecanizada based in Boa Vista (Roraima).

The first deployed unit consists of 50 personnel, 14 4×4 wheeled armored vehicles Iveco LMV-BR “Guaicurus,” along with 18 vehicles of various specifications. The units departed on January 13 from the Regimiento de Caballería Blindada N°20, based in Campo Grande, escorted by the 9th Army Police Battalion. Additionally, according to images shared by the Brazilian Army, 6×6 reconnaissance armored vehicles EE-09 Cascavel were also deployed.

The vehicles, originating from different military units, gathered in Campo Grande under the coordination of the Logistics Command. Once fully assembled, all equipment underwent preventive maintenance tasks conducted by the 9th Maintenance Battalion to ensure their operational readiness throughout the 2,200 kilometers of their journey to Roraima.

It is planned for the equipment to arrive in Porto Velho today, from where they will travel to Manaus (AM) by river for approximately eight days, under the coordination of the Boats Center of the Military Command of the Amazon. Subsequently, the vehicles will be transported to Boa Vista, where they will join the 18º Regimiento de Caballería Mecanizada.

It is noteworthy that this deployment is in response to the current geopolitical situation on the northern border, with Venezuela and Guyana being key players in the dispute over control of the Esequibo region.

Image credits: Brazilian Army.

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