On April 18th, a CH-47F Chinook from the Royal Netherlands Air Force arrived at Holzdorf Airfield to assist the German Armed Forces in the process of integrating their new heavy helicopters. The Bundeswehr expects the first units to arrive in the country by 2027 as part of their efforts to renew their heavy rotary-wing transport capabilities.

The landing of the Dutch helicopter from the Royal Netherlands Air Force at the German airfield aims to train future crews in ground and flight operations, cabin adaptation, and refueling. It also served as a model to test the dimensions of the hangars and the rest of the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the German Armed Forces are making preparations for the integration, both in terms of infrastructure and the training of future pilots and crews. Two pilots are already in the United States, and another four will go next year to undergo a three-year study plan with flight instruction. Additionally, the Netherlands will provide their training centers as well as their CH-47F helicopters for a smooth transition of German personnel to the new system.

The acquisition of the new CH-47F Block II by Germany is part of the replacement of the Sikorsky CH-53G helicopters used by the German army for over 50 years. In total, the official plans entail the purchase of 60 aircraft manufactured by the American company Boeing, of which twelve will be housed at Holzdorf Air Base, another twelve at Laupheim, and one will belong to the Technical Office of Defense 61 in Manching for testing new weapon systems.

*Photographs: Bundeswehr – Luftwaffe.

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