With a thirty-eight percent progress, COTECMAR continues the construction of the OPV 93 oceanic patrol vessel for the Navy of the Republic of Colombia, which was named by the new government as the “Colombian Oceanic Patrol Vessel (POC).” This is a Colombian development, a natural evolution of the previous OPV 80, of which three are already in operation within the surface fleet: the ARC 20 de Julio, ARC 7 de Agosto, and ARC Victoria, with some differences in their armament and adaptations to meet the specific needs of the South American nation.

In this latest progress report, the completion of the construction of all the blocks corresponding to the hull was observed, totaling eighteen blocks that used 657 tons of naval steel and 21 tons of welding. This vessel is a milestone for the naval construction of the Republic of Colombia, as it is the largest and most technologically advanced exclusively military vessel carried out by the Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Maritime and River Naval Industry (COTECMAR), with the exception of the ARC Simón Bolívar, which is a Scientific Research vessel displacing 3,250 tons.

The next step will involve the “construction of superstructure blocks, installation of piping, and integration of onboard equipment and systems,” with its launching expected in 2025, from its original shipyard located in the industrial zone of Mamonal in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar department, on the Colombian Atlantic coast. All activities carried out and to be carried out are controlled and supervised by the classification society Lloyd’s Register, which certifies the quality of the work.

Cotecmar stated in an official communication that: “This vessel reflects the country’s technological independence within the naval and shipbuilding industry, as its design, logistical management, and construction are led by Colombian talent, thus driving the national economy, technical, technological, and professional training of the more than 1,100 collaborators who are part of Cotecmar.”

Among the vessel’s specific Projection capabilities are:

  • Helicopter flight deck for helicopters weighing up to 11 tons and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • RAS, FAS, HIFR, and VERTREP replenishment
  • Stern ramp for deploying an interceptor boat of up to 14 meters
  • Side launching system for deploying support boats for interdiction of up to 7 meters
  • 2 20′ mission containers (2 TEU modularity)
  • Balance reduction system (U Tank)
  • 1 SWL 5 t to 10 m deck crane
  • Photographs: COTECMAR – Colombian Navy.

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