Within the framework of the planning for the upcoming joint exercise Arandú, the 2nd Mechanized Cavalry Brigade hosted the Committees of the Armies of Argentina and Brazil for the first coordination meeting of the 2024/2026 cycle. Following the previous edition held in the province of Corrientes, the bilateral agenda indicates that the exercise will take place in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

As reported by Zona Militar, the Arandú 2023 joint exercise was centered in Monte Caseros, Corrientes province. The Argentine Army and the Brazilian Army deployed over 650 personnel, supplemented by Argentine personnel providing support for operations conducted at the “General Ávalos” Training Field and in Mercedes.

The 2023 edition of Arandú featured mechanized elements, air assault, airborne, special operations, aviation, and their respective supports. In total, the Argentine and Brazilian Armies, supported by the Air Forces of both countries, deployed 1,400 men and women, as well as a significant number of armored combat vehicles and various types of aircraft.

“Among them were members of the Rapid Deployment Force, the 2nd Armored Brigade, the Army Aviation Directorate, and the General Directorate of Health of the Argentine Army, as well as the 2nd Mechanized Cavalry Brigade; the Parachute Infantry Brigade; the 12th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade; the Special Operations Command and the Army Aviation Command of the Brazilian Army,” highlighted the Argentine Army in its official statement on August 4, 2023.

Regarding the recent coordination and planning meetings, the Brazilian side was represented by officials from the Army Staff, the Land Operations Command, the Aviation Command, the Special Operations Command, the Southern Military Command, the 3rd Army Division, the 12th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade, the Parachute Infantry Brigade, and the 2nd Mechanized Cavalry Brigade.

On the Argentine side, discussions were attended by the Argentine Military Attaché in Brazil, Colonel De La Vega, as well as the Commander of the Rapid Deployment Force, including the heads of the 4th Airborne Brigade and the Special Operations Forces, as well as the Army Aviation Directorate.

Cover image: Brazilian Army

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