Moments ago, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Argentine Armed Forces (EMCOFFAA), through the Antarctic Joint Command, confirmed that one of the Sea King helicopters of the Argentine Navy, currently operating in Antarctica, suffered an incident that caused various damages. Although further details were not provided, it is understood to involve the newly acquired aircraft that are operating from the icebreaker ARA Almirante Irízar in support of the 2023-2024 Summer Antarctic Campaign.

According to the statement from EMCOFFAA, the incident occurred at 19:30 hours yesterday, March 4th, when one of the aforementioned Sea Kings was conducting resupply operations at Esperanza Antarctic Base. Although specific details of the incident were not disclosed, it was confirmed that the aircraft, without specifying its registration, sustained minor damage to its fuselage and tail rotor, without causing harm to the crew and personnel.

As noted, the aircraft registration number has not been provided. However, it is one of the two new Sea Kings recently acquired by the Argentine Navy. These helicopters, with registrations 2-H-244 and 2-H-245, were purchased from the United States from Carson Helicopters, which subjected them to a refurbishment and modernization process. They were received in the country in November 2022 and joined the Second Naval Helicopter Squadron.

Finally, EMCOFFAA indicated that the resupply of Antarctic Bases “continues normally”, while the aircraft accident investigation board has been convened to analyze the causes of this incident.

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