With the aim of enhancing pilot training capabilities, the Colombian Aerospace Force (FAC) inaugurated the Virtual Reality Simulation Center for the T-6C Texan weapon system, located at the No. 1 Air Combat Command facilities in Puerto Salgar, Cundinamarca.

These are augmented reality virtual simulators that allow the simulation of different scenarios, enhancing training and preparation levels. They enable the simulation of various emergency maneuvers and critical situations with a high level of realism, testing the pilots’ skills without exposing the aircraft to risks.

Regarding this, Major General Carlos Fernando Silva Rueda, Second Commander and Chief of Staff of the FAC, stated, “Here, they can develop different maneuvers, react to emergencies and critical situations that may arise during flight, improving decision-making and continuing training on the ground without any risk. It is also worth noting that in the American hemisphere, only the United States and the Colombian Aerospace Force have such augmented reality virtual equipment, which drastically reduces training costs and enhances the proficiency and training level of our military pilots.”

It is worth mentioning that by the end of 2022, the FAC signed a contract for the acquisition of four new Beechcraft T-6C Texan II aircraft for an approximate value of USD 41,000,000. Additionally, Colombia has a fleet of 24 AT-29 Super Tucano aircraft, which are of similar characteristics and offer superior performance. These aircraft could become the primary combat means of the FAC in the short term, considering the diplomatic situation between Colombia and Israel and its impact on the IAI Kfir fighter-bombers.

*Image credits: Colombian Aerospace Force.

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