War Thunder en Kubinka

Hey folks! Here is our quick report from Kubinka tank museum!

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This Monday, June 3rd, War Thunder team visited Kubinka tank museum,

the biggest real WWII tank collection in the world. War Thunder tanks
are developing fast, and it is very important for us to make them as
close to reality as we can. Our team deals with impressive database of
documentation, blueprints, photo and video archives, but it’s always
better to see details by own eyes, right? Happily, we have the
opportunity to do this - Kubinka museum is just 70km away from Moscow.

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Kubinka museum is located near top-secret tank testing range. In Soviet
times all new tanks from Russian research institutions and factories had
to be tested here. Museum houses great collection of Russian tanks from
the very beginning of 20th century and probably the biggest collection
of actual German tanks of WWII period - most of them were captured by
Soviet soldiers during the war. Also, there are many armored vehicles
used by Allies - USA and Great Britain.

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main task was to gather photo and video references for our artists and
modellers: to examine every square inch of real tanks, shot every tiny
detail, measure all parts of war machines.

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War Thunder is all about details. Every wheel, every track was shot from different angles:

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Snub-nosed Su-122 White 142 "For Stalin!" salutes our team in Soviet heavy tanks hall. Good health to you, old soldier:

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German giant Jagdtiger is really impressive. Hard to believe, how this monster could actually move and fight. Marvelous piece of ingeneering:

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Jagdtiger seems big? Say this to Maus! This Maus tank is the last and the only in the world.

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Many tanks are still operating - Kubinka museum has very good repair yard driven by enthusiasts. We had unique opportunity to record the sounds of tanks engines and tracks. Our first star was Soviet tank destroyer Su-100:

We have recorded operating tanks from inside and outside, standing and on the move with different gears. Our second star was another tank PT-76:

Alex Polyakov prepares to ride the tank:

Ineresting, that all these tanks are still using genuine parts and materials from WWII. Museum guys said that Soviet and German tanks show themself extremely durable - their engines are in 'decent' to 'good' condition even after 70 years. American tanks are more, as they said, "capricious" - they require only high quality fuel and spare parts.

It was very imortant to learn how actual tank rides, how it feels on the move:

Another day in Russia

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Kubinka tank museum is tank eldorado, paradise of armor and steel. Soviet heavies:

German order:

Examination of Tiger tank. What's in the rear chest?

War Thunder is over every detail:

Art-director Edward Borisov conducts aerial reconnaissance:

War Thunder "weapons&ammo guy" Slava Bulannikov approves the caliber of Sturmtiger 380mm rocket launcher:

Honorable guests: Valentine and Stuart

Planes, tanks, ships... maybe trains?

Beasty thing:

"We MUST have it in War Thunder" shouted our guys when saw this cute German WALL·E:


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