Noticias de la Fuerza Aérea Ucraniana

Nocturno Culto

In Mykolaiv 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade at the end of the week there were two changes in flight mode, day or night. To flight involved 16 pilots who had the sky for more than 28 hours. The main objectives were: flights to plan training, recovery skills flights in adverse weather conditions , with the minimum forecast and scoring exercise for assigning classroom training " military pilot 1st class ."General guidance and direct participation in the flight took Deputy Commander of Air Force Forces of Ukraine - Head of Aviation Lt. Gen. Vasyl Nikiforov .- You could say that we were lucky with the bad weather. Due to fog and clouds that were in those days , pilots were able to practice their armored lift into the air and then put them in restricted visibility - said in an interview with reporters the flight .It should be noted that due to the minimum permitted for flying weather deputy commander of the military unit , Colonel Sergei Samoilov performed norm "Military pilot class 1 " and senior navigator connection , the best pilot in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2013, Lt. Col. Alexander received Dyakiv Instructors access to perform operations at night in bad weather , with the minimum forecast .