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Diplomatic incident between Brazil and Israel could affect major Brazilian Air Force projects

Following the recent statements made by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva regarding the crisis in the Gaza Strip, Israel has decided to declare the Brazilian president persona non grata, rapidly deteriorating diplomatic relations between the two countries. In addition to this decision taken...

While Argentina analyzes and evaluates, the Armed Forces of the region are making progress in the implementation of their main Shipbuilding Programs

Throughout the last decade and part of the current one, the Armed Forces of South America have consolidated various naval construction projects, which have progressed from mere consideration in official documents to being a full-fledged reality. In recent years, it has become normal to...

Brazilian and Paraguayan Armed Forces carry out first combined operation against organized crime of the year

As part of the Basalto missions in Paraguay and Ágata in Brazil, the Armed Forces of both countries mobilized troops in the departments of Alto Paraná and Canindeyú in Paraguay, and Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, in the fight against organized...

Brazil is advancing in negotiations to acquire Hero 30 and 120 loitering munition systems

Brazil is in advanced negotiations with Israeli company Uvision in order to purchase some types of loitering weapon systems. In January 2023 Argentina purchased two types of Uvisions' loitering systems. A sources in the Israeli defence establishment told Zona Militar that negotiations are underway with...

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