Located on the outskirts of Lima, the Army Weapons and Ammunition Factory (FAME SAC) had spent its recent years with such a low profile that some wondered if it was on the verge of disappearing. It was overshadowed by the successes of other military enterprises, such as SEMAN Peru of the Air Force, with the co-production of the KT-1P “Torito” training aircraft with Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI), or the SIMA Peru shipyard, which after delivering several patrol boats and a huge school sailboat, is finishing the second multipurpose vessel for the Navy, in collaboration with Daesun Shipbuilding & Engineering.

However, things seem to have taken a different turn, and now talking about FAME SAC is in vogue, thanks to two important projects that have the firm support of the State. The first is the assembly of the ARAD 7 assault rifle, chambered in 7.62 x 51 mm, from Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), for use by infantry, special units, and police units, purchased in a quantity of 10 thousand units by Peru.

The other is the strategic partnership agreement with Hyundai Rotem – STX Corporation, to locally co-produce – assemble – part of the 30 8×8 armored vehicles model K808 White Tiger for the Peruvian Army. Due to their formula, these agreements have generated mixed opinions; but the truth is that they open up many possibilities for this state company to participate in Defense technology modernization plans.

It’s important to know that for almost 60 years, FAME SAC has been dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of war and civilian use ammunition for the Armed Forces, National Police, private security companies, and sports clubs. And that, after making bulletproof vests – with the Spanish company Falken – for the National Police, it is now advancing in conversions, such as that of the veteran UR-416 armored personnel carrier of the Army, into a riot control vehicle.

During his recent visit to supervise the assembly of the ARAD 7, the President of the Council of Ministers, Gustavo Adrianzén Olaya, declared that “strengthening the Armed Forces industry is part of the government’s policy. We are betting on the country, on strengthening the national industry.”

That could mean, among other things, an opportunity for FAME SAC to gain greater importance and strengthen Peru’s industrial potential in the military field.

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