On June 5, various videos and images went viral on social media, showing the crash of a JF-17 Thunder Block II fighter jet from the Pakistan Air Force. Despite the lack of official information providing further details, Martin-Baker has confirmed the successful ejection of the pilot from the aircraft, saving his life. The pilot was subsequently recovered during the SAR (Search and Rescue) operation deployed.

Martin-Baker highlighted the fact that the Pakistani pilot was able to save his life thanks to one of their PK16LE ejection seats, which were selected by the Pakistan Air Force to equip their JF-17 Thunder Block II fighters.

Although there is no further official data, the accident occurred during a flight over the Jhang district, located in the Punjab province. According to various sources, in the absence of an official statement from the Pakistan Air Force, the crashed JF-17 belonged to the 14th Combat Squadron, known as the “Tail Choppers,” which is part of the force’s Central Command.

In the absence of more detailed information, the confirmation from Martin-Baker indicates that this is the fifth recorded crash of a JF-17 Thunder fighter jet to date. The last reported incident occurred in 2021 and involved a JF-17B, the two-seat version of the Sino-Pakistani fighter-bomber.

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