The successful use by the Israel defence forces (IDF) in the fire control systems for infantry soldiers create big interest in Europe and South America.
The Smash fire control system was developed by Israeli company Smartshooter.

Israeli defence sources said that the system is proving its efficiency in the ongoing war and that will without any doubt will result in purchasing more such systems.

The Smash family of fire control systems increases hit probability against ground and aerial targets, including drones.
Over 10 NATO countries have already chosen the SMASH Fire Control Systems and their effectiveness has been unequivocally demonstrated across diverse environments. Armed forces from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and eight other NATO countries utilize SMASH systems to engage ground targets and drones with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
The SMASH family of fire control systems is renowned for its remarkable ability to significantly enhance hit probability against ground and aerial targets, including drones.

According to the comply ,SMASH enables users to independently identify targets or leverage detection system guidance for precision locking. Once locked, SMASH tracks target movements and synchronizes shot release for swift and precise hits. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and advanced algorithms, the SMASH Family of fire control systems ensures precise hits, boosts situational awareness, and minimizes collateral damage, empowering forces to operate with intelligence, precision, and connectivity.
The SMASH Fire Control System (FCS) is an external add-on solution that can easily integrate with any type of assault rifle. Once the user identifies the target (independently or using the detection system guidance) and locks on it, SMASH tracks its movements and synchronizes the shot release for a swift and precise hit. SMASH allows connectivity with C4I systems, battle management systems, and external sensors. It operates both as a stand-alone solution and in combination with other systems, providing a comprehensive multi-layer defense solution. Significantly reducing operating costs, training hours, and ammunition consumption, SMASH is a cost-effective solution that elevates all shooters to an expert level – even when countering small drones and UASs.

The new member of the smash family is the SMASH Hopper, a Light Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS). Designed to be platform-agnostic. This version is a modular and rapidly deployable Light Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS) that provides “One Shot – One Hit” capability while controlled by an operator from a safe distance. Weighing approximately 15 Kg, SMASH Hopper is ideal for deployment on various lightweight manned and unmanned vehicles and platforms.

According to Abraham Mazor, VP Marketing and business development , the SMASH Hopper can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of manned and unmanned vehicles, robots, and poles, offering a versatile solution for diverse operational requirements. As a multi-mission system, the SMASH Hopper is capable of operating across land, air, and sea platforms, effectively engaging targets in various environments, including land, aerial, and maritime scenarios.

According to Mazor the Smash Hopper was upgraded by adding extended night capabilities. Equipped with a thermal sensor, the upgraded SMASH Hopper facilitates precise firing at night, offering operators a decisive edge in low-light scenarios against both ground and aerial targets.

“The big demand for our family of fire control systems proves that the war in Ukraine and the ongoing war in Israel put a new focus on the importance of the infantry soldier to use its weapon in the most effective way”
The Israeli company has also developed the Smash Dragon an advanced robotic weaponry payload that can be mounted on different small UAVs (drones) and other unmanned aerial platforms. Featuring SMASH’s core capabilities and proprietary target acquisition, the real-time fire control algorithms direct the weapon and accurately time the shot in order to achieve a precise hit. The system is uniquely designed to lock, track, and hit unknown targets in an unknown environment, whether they be static or dynamic, day and night.

According to Smartshooter the Smash system enables dismounted forces to get better tactical Situational Awareness (SA), enhancing critical information displayed on the SMASH see-through interface. By eliminating the need to switch attention to separate devices, such as handheld PDAs or screens, operators can maintain focus on the relevant scene while accessing vital data aligned with their line of sight. This streamlined approach ensures swift orientation and efficient target engagement cycles, leveraging the SMASH system’s precise hit capability to its fullest potential.

Michal mor CEO of Smartshooter said that the company takes pride in supporting NATO countries’ defence and security efforts by supplying SMASH Fire Control Systems, guaranteeing precise target hits across diverse terrains – land, air, and sea.

” Moreover, our dedication to continually improve and innovate, exemplified by the enhanced night capability of the SMASH Hopper, reflects our commitment to meeting our customers’ evolving needs. The capability to accurately engage ground and aerial targets under low-light conditions offers our forces a decisive advantage on the battlefield, ensuring operational success round the clock.”

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