In the last few hours, it has been revealed through the Weibo platform that a commercial satellite from China known as Ku Taijing-4-03 managed to capture images of one of the United States Navy bases, showing the presence of three aircraft carriers, as well as other vessels of the fleet.

In the various circulating images, three aircraft carriers can be distinguished along with more than three docks corresponding to the Naval Station Norfolk of the United States Navy, located on the east coast of the country. It is one of the primary seats of U.S. naval forces projecting into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Taijing 4-03, the first Chinese commercial satellite of phased-array radar imaging in the Ku band, is part of the Taijing series. These satellites play a crucial role in China’s remote sensing capabilities, offering various applications such as disaster and environmental surveillance, natural resource exploration, agricultural yield estimation, and land and maritime mapping.

According to the manufacturer, the Taijing-403 satellite weighs 230 kilograms, has sub-meter resolution, all-day, all-weather imaging capabilities, and an observation width of more than 10 km in sliding convergence mode. They were launched in late January by CAS Space.

While there has been no official response, this once again brings to light China’s behind-the-scenes analysis and intelligence, such as the potential dual-use of these space technologies. However, this is not the first time that the plans of the Asian giant have been revealed. In January of the current year, it was disclosed, with the support of satellite images, that China had built a replica of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford for use as a target.

These replicas, simulating targets, reflect the trend by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China to expand and refine the capability to counter U.S. aircraft carriers and other capital ships. The targets are more representative of reality and help obtain more accurate data during tests.

*Image credits to Mino Space

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  1. This scenario of taking some pictures from the satellite of Chinese is very tactical and may caused massive insurgency like what happened in pearl harbor when japanese photographer as a spy…

    • US private satellites too take pictures from china and other countries even U.S. media companies satellites take pictures in china but no one has ever complain, but whenever thesame thing happens to US they always cry like a baby. US always CIA always brag about their spy networks in china but whenever china do the same US will start complaining and acting as if china is the bad guy.

      • What your point. The US is the world’s only Super power after winning World War II. Read your history we became the world’s police

        • This is the problem with the element of people that are living in the United States today we’ve let so many foreigners in that these whiny ass little sissy wannabes just complain and act like we’re blaming everybody else and we’re the bad guys. Well, they shouldn’t be living here in this country if that’s how they feel, but they like to melt off our system our system of welfare our system of medical coverage, our system of education why they sit on their lazy ass And claim I’m a person that doesn’t understand English and I don’t have a job, but I want to take your money so I can live the American dream and then they bitch and they put us down the person that said we are the police of the world after World War II is absolutely correct, but wasn’t for the United States overseen all the half cock crap that goes on around the world. This world would be an absolute communist disaster at the very least , I know this isn’t printed because I’m direct things realistically but whoever wrote that comment about how we’re always blame me for being the bad guy why don’t you just pack your bag and go back to whatever hole you came from and your government where you came from take care of all the nice things you’re enjoying life right now. See how that goes .
          , thank you very much for allowing me to express my opinion and exercise first amendment rights of freedom of speech, even though I know you’re not gonna allow this to be posted because freedom of speech is a joke. Nowadays, everything is censored if you’re honest.

    • It’s also significant in being radar. This specific style of radar can see through foliage and such to see things that seem hidden, like military vehicles inside s forest or under tarps. Along with seeing through clouds, smoke and other similar things. It’s not new technically though.

    • Wonder who sold china all this tech. Couldn’t be the cia or other military agency’s. That’s the only way china can come close to matching our technology. Too many traitors in high places.

      • LoL, seriously have you ever looked at any of the publications or journals that get published on the internet for scientific research? Half the PhDs in the US are Asian students. They come to the US to get those educations, they help generate the great science and technology that the US produces. Now you’re blaming them for going back home and teaching their countries how to do the same? You forgot that they paid 10 times the regular student tuition because they were foreign students? If it’s such a problem, don’t American universities block foreign students from learning? They don’t, do you want to know why? Well money for one, but also because Asians, just like everybody else are just as fucking smart as us given the opportunity to learn, and people from different parts of the world come up with different ideas which is good for us.

  2. Why China is nosy and desperate? What are they after? Enought China is a Big country and million million of their own people problems. If China is proud, they should not go after elsewhere! They are something to make excuses….humm

  3. Of China were spying on us with their weather satellites, it wouldn’t surprise me, because we are trying to rope them into war—hello?

  4. Why do you act so surprised that China got images of Norfolk? We don’t own the space above this Navy Yard anymore that China owns the space above their Navy Yards. They have every right to image these areas just we do their facilities. Just to take the suspense out of this article we’ve all been doing it for decades so stop insinuating that it’s something new!!

  5. The ability to take pictures from space of 300+ meter long ships the US Navy intentionally shares the locations of at all times doesn’t seem tactically useful.

  6. Geez people, are you all stupid? Firstly, they have been “imaging” (lol) our country for over 20 years. This is a nothing-burger. Secondly, our government couldn’t care less about this because they already KNOW that Russia and China can take pics. Thirdly, this is a click-bait article and you all are too dumb or ignorant to understand that.
    Seriously, anyone can just fly a Cessna overhead and take WAY BETTER photos of our ships, at any time. It isn’t controlled airspace.
    Yikes, I’m seriously afraid for our country when most commenters are this pathetic.

  7. For the comment referring to the USA, I’m assuming that you are not living out Country otherwise we should defend our country, and the comments also go in the same direction.

  8. Who cares? As if there are not literally THOUSANDS of aerial pictures of aircraft carriers online.
    Yah, you finally joined the 20th century!

  9. A war is coming,chains and Russia and North Korea there will fight with USA.becouse now Russia still fight with Ukraine and all Europe countries in 1 war after Dat Russia, China, North Korea will fight with USA.and there will killed all soldiers of USA like nothing and destroy and win the war against USA.remember my wards 1day.

  10. This is nothing compared to what we have a n d what’s not known not only are we at the top if the game but we have technology that 98.5% of Americans aren’t even aware of we have techs that are far beyond most peoples comprehension and understanding also area 51 tech is also available to use against all enemies even domestic ones but they won’t be wasted on stupid ideology of Chinese war scenarios they’ll be used to eradicate all of our enemies at once and those left will never start another war with the great usa again but first we must get rid of the governments in charge of these nasty ideas that war is the only answer to peace if you want peace then eliminate the the ones in charge of the government first then give the earth to the real stewards of our planet and that my good people is all who love life and the creatures we must protect kill the governments of a ll nations and the people will have total peace for future that is a FACT to all humans

  11. China is a dictatorship, US is a democrasy. China want the whole world be North Corea, US want whole world be US. It a very big diference. And, what we want.?

    • As an American citizen and a Veteran of the united states Army… I want to simply live in peace and raise my son without everyone trying to kill one another. we often get mad at other countries and we start to hate every person in that country. But we must stop and think, “it’s the governments we don’t like” the people in the countries are for the most part good people who just want to live and be left alone. to all those around the world who hate what killing machines and control freaks our worlds governments have become… I want nothing more than to live in peace with all of you. signed “An American citizen”

  12. A wave skimming cruise nuclear bomb missile could take out all three carriers plus other ships. The millitary should spread out the vehicles.

  13. The USA is not the only superpower. China is also a superpower and other countries are in the race to be so. E.g. India and Iran.

  14. Did anybody happen to learn a lesson from Pearl Harbor? Men with Superior educations about war perhaps? And a picture is taken with three aircraft carrier setting side by side like a turkey at the end of a shotgun? Wake up. We are being threatened and we have three of our carriers lined up together. The most fundamental of action should now be taken by midnight. And then shorten the career of whoever permitted that to happen . Thank you

  15. “Don’t Put all your eggs in one basket”. … yep here’s 3 of our aircraft carriers less than a mile apart… looks like Pearl Harbor all over again… and when it happens Joe will make that stupid face he always does like he spilled his ice cream

  16. Anyone that works on that base and their mother has taken a picture of the boats and who’s in port currently. It doesn’t take a damn satellite for anyone to know what carriers, ddg, lhd or whatever is currently tied to the pier. Even google images could show you that. The military literally has fb pages of each of their ships and the things they’re currently doing and where they are doing it at. Anyone with a brain could go on social media and see it. This isn’t secret information.

  17. “These satellites play a crucial role in China’s remote sensing capabilities, offering various applications such as disaster and environmental surveillance, natural resource exploration, agricultural yield estimation, and land and maritime mapping…” AND SPYING

  18. Okay so it seems to me that along with the spy balloon the fact that they probably stated to the world that they want to destroy us

  19. Okay so it seems to me that the fact that they are building mock-ups of our ships and God only knows what else to use as Target and practice material they’ve stated to the world publicly that it is their goal to more or less destroy us they’re trying to subvert our money our technology and our people they’ve released covid on the world within the intent of doing more damage to us than anyone else. I would say that China’s already declared war on us why aren’t we fighting it?

  20. We just heard about it in this article nobody’s crying like a baby about it actually it’s kind of funny their Leon Yang or whatever they call it has that ski ramp on the end of it ,and you can bet anything that takes off from that aircraft carrier is a dead duck compared to a US aircraft carrier that uses a steam catapult jets can carry a much higher bomb load, China has a shortage of pilots right now because their copycat Jets don’t create enough thrust and crash killing pilots.

  21. America is not Second to none, nor is she sleep.America is Not A Fool. We Learn From the Past. We are The Best. You will see very Soon. Iam a Retried Vietnam veteran, And I Can Tell You Up Front Thur God In Jesus Mighty Name America Will Defend Her Homeland. It may be Morning, Night, or Sooner but you will see. God Bless America.

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