On 22nd February 2020, a new Helicopter Unit – the Air Unit of National Security – operating under the command and management of the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard (TTAG) began operations in time to provide air cover for Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival.

The Air Unit is staffed by former pilots of the Air Division of the National Operations Fusion Centre of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA). More than 30 pilots and groundcrew did not have their contracts renewed at the end of 2019, effectively grounding all security related air support in the country.

A few select personnel, however, have been re-contracted from 1st February 2020 to operate the new Air Unit. However, its assets remain one AS.355 and one Bo-105 helicopters. All four AW139s of the TTAG remain grounded while one BO-105 has been cannibalized for parts with one S-76A+ and one S-76D grounded – the former for want of repairs to its autopilot and the latter for reasons of cost.


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