In October last we reported on the advanced state of the negotiations for the acquisition of ten Beechcraft TC-12B Huron as well as its respective simulator. The aircraft, former US Navy, had already been selected and inspected by the Argentine Air Force, hoping to complete various administrative issues in order to incorporate the TC-12B as soon as possible.

According to the investigation by “Zona Militar“, one of the latest developments on the subject was the wait for the Letter of Credit (LOC) from the US, which would allow the first steps to be taken to close of the acquisition. As commented to this medium, the ten aircraft were offered at an affordable price and would arrive in an excellent state of repair, with a significant amount of flight hours remaining. These conditions are more than seductive for the AAF, since it is the incorporation of a cheap weapons system to operate but which in turn adapts to the current needs of the Force and is a flexible sarm (considering the possibility to make modifications to take them to specialized versions).

The arrival of the Huron to the AAF will not only allow a respite to the Twin Otter fleet but will also occupy the empty space left by the IA-50 G-II Guaraní, aircraft that were gradually deprogrammed from service (official deprogramming in 2007) without having an adequate replacement. Under this parameter, it is expected that the incorporation of the versatile aircraft will end up within the Argentine Air Force organization a renewal of the II Air Brigade and the restoration of the Transport School.

Another objective of the AAF is that the TC-12B be used as a means for staff to add flight hours, in parallel to the training provided with the simulator located at the Morón Air Base.

The acquisition process is likely to be delayed by the next management change, a situation that also afflicts other processes such as the purchase of the P-3C Orion by the Argentine Navy. It is in these cases where defense policy should be put on partisan issues, since these are processes that will allow the Armed Forces to recover and increase capacities.


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