In a recent report submitted by the MoD to the Chamber of Deputies, one of the topics addressed was the procurement process of the four L’Adroit/Gowind class OPVs and its latest developments . As opportunely informed, the Argentine Navy bought the second-hand vessel «L’Adroit» together with three newly manufactured vessels.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Defence, «…the purchase is made up of four ships, one already existing (Ship No. 1 – ARA Bouchard-) and three to be built (Ships No. 2, 3 and 4). Regarding the general chronogram, the Ministry of Defense informed that Ship No. 1 is currently recieving maintenance and it’s expected to arrive to Argentina in December this year. Vessels No. 2 and No. 3 began construction last march and are expected to arrive in April and September 2021, respectively. Vessel No. 4 would begin construction in June 2020, expecting delivery in March 2022″. The construction of the new naval units is being carried out in the french shipyards of Piriou, Concarneau and Kership Lanester, in Lorient.

To date, «€31,434,680 has been disbursed as loan insurance and has ordered banks to pay €57,520,000 in advance and €54,933,933 as first execution milestones», according to the data released by the MoD. It is worth remembering that the cost of this purchase amounts to 319 million euros, a figure that is derived from the Buyer’s Credit Line Contract between the Argentine Republic and the financial institutions Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, Natixis and Banco Santander S.A., dated 29 November 2018.

Among the technical aspects of these ships, the portfolio highlights that «…the ships have an unrestricted navigation certificate; that is to say, they can navigate in all seas without ice presence. Also, the three newly build OPVs will count with reinforcement for navigation in limited ice, in order to accede to the Argentine Antarctica’s norther zone». The new OPVs will be armed with Leonardo’s MARLIN WS 30mm turrets.

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