Over these last days, the Argentine Air Force (AAF) is committed to exercise «Ejercicio Integrador – Dédalo 2019» (Integrated Exercise – Dedalus 2019). Personnel and aircrafts from several units of the AAF are carrying out activities related to the Integral Aerospace Defense. «Dédalo 2019» is based on the 4th Air Brigade (Mendoza), 5th Air Brigade (Villa Reynolds), and Military Aviation School (Córdoba) air bases, from which the following aerial assets are been deployed: A-4AR Fightinghawks fighter-bombers, the locally produced advanced trainer IA-63 Pampa II-40/III, IA-58 Pucará attack aircrafts, and KC-130H Hercules tankers. Bell 412EP and Mil Mi-171E helicopters are also deployed, along with DHC-6 Twin Otter light transports, and T-6 C+ Texan II trainers. The indigenously developed fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Aukan, Vigía 2A and Vigía 2E) is also taking part in «Dédalo 2019», together with anti-aircraft artillery batteries and air surveillance/control radars.

The activities during «Dédalo 2019» include a wide array of operations: from air-to-air training to air-to-ground and Combat Search & Rescue. The above mentioned activities are carried out during day and night-time conditions. In this article, we share some pictures taken during the aerial refueling training between KC-130H Hercules and the A-4Ar Fightinghawks of the 5th Air Brigade.

In a way, the pictures taken during these maneuvers flash back to memories of the events that took place decades ago over the waters of the South Atlantic, when Argentinean Skyhawks and Hercules became a mighty duo and a constant threat to the British Royal Navy.

Photos: Fuerza Aérea Argentina.

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